Vision Statement

Our Purpose

Growing in love for God and People

Our purpose statement is: growing in love for God and people.  This purpose helps us develop a healthy church where people learn together to live by Jesus’ great commands to love God and neighbour (Mark 12:28-31).

Our Vision


We envisage becoming a church that is focused on the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church services will proclaim the greatness of the grace of God in Jesus Christ. We will encourage response to God’s Word with heart, mind and will.


We envisage becoming a prayerful church. We will equip every disciple of Christ to grow in prayerful relationship with the Lord. We will be devoted to passionate prayer for the growth of God’s kingdom, for the needs of the church and for people around the world.


We envisage presenting the gospel of Christ to hundreds of people in the Eastwood district and seeing many come to faith in Christ. New believers will be incorporated into the active life of our church community. We will nurture and teach Christ’s disciples so that our church family is growing in faith, love and hope.


We envisage becoming a welcoming church with a heart for the diversity of the Eastwood area. We will warmly embrace people of diverse ethnicity, culture, age, social background, economic status, physical abilities and intellectual abilities and welcome them into our church community.


We envisage becoming a caring church. We will reach out beyond the church with practical actions of love to people who are hurting or who face difficulties. As God’s love is demonstrated through us, we will be a light and beacon to our district and known as a caring community of Jesus’ disciples.


We envisage becoming a disciple-making church that equips every Christian to love and serve Jesus Christ. We will encourage every believer to have an impact for Christ in the communities and networks of which they are part, such as family, workplace, friends and sport teams. These communities will be impacted, as Jesus’ disciples demonstrate the character of Christ and promote the gospel of Christ.

Among the nations

We envisage becoming a church that makes disciples of the Lord Jesus among many people-groups around the world. We will send people from our church to serve among the nations. We will be generous in our support of those who are mission partners of our church.

We long for and pray for all this, so that God will be honoured and glorified.
“Declare his glory among the nations.” Psalm 96:3

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